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    SubjectRe: BUG: 2.4.18 & ALI15X3 DMA hang on boot
    On Fri, 22 Mar 2002, Martin Dalecki wrote:

    > I didn't look at the issue but anyway the following is still
    > obviously wrong. hwif->index should be hwif->channel
    > Anyway please note the following:
    > diff -urN linux-2.5.7/drivers/ide/alim15x3.c linux/drivers/ide/alim15x3.c
    > --- linux-2.5.7/drivers/ide/alim15x3.c Thu Mar 21 23:54:16 2002
    > +++ linux/drivers/ide/alim15x3.c Fri Mar 22 02:08:58 2002
    > @@ -247,8 +247,8 @@
    > int s_time, a_time, c_time;
    > byte s_clc, a_clc, r_clc;
    > unsigned long flags;
    > int port = hwif->index ? 0x5c : 0x58;
    > int portFIFO = hwif->channel ? 0x55 : 0x54;
    > The usage of hwif->index *is* wrong.

    I stand corrected, it is a real bug and I let it slip in from the folks. I recant the point and error here is mine.

    However, one should note this would only be found if a person was booting
    an add-in card. This is why it has masked its self for so long. Now the
    much harder issue trace is the following. So I am impressed that you
    caught this very tiny bug that would be big and messy later. Tip of the
    hat to you.

    Noting that in the special case of who/what is allowed to have access to
    "ide0/ide1" this is an onboard host and generally would have the results:

    hwif->index == hwif->channel

    If and only if the host had rights and priviledges to "ide0/ide1", would
    it be masked.

    So as the previous offer still stands point to have peace again, I am
    still waiting for a reply on are going to be able to work through the
    inital bumps an bangs from the beginning.


    Andre Hedrick
    LAD Storage Consulting Group

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