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SubjectRe: BUG: 2.4.18 & ALI15X3 DMA hang on boot
On Fri, 22 Mar 2002, Alan Cox wrote:

> > Since you are so knowledgeble about ATA, I am shocked that such as simple
> Where did Martin ever claim that ?

Recall his comments during the clean up stages of where he had studied
many other OS's ATA/ATAPI sub systems. This clearly indicates one has or
is presenting themselves withe a deep understanding if the issues. One
should recall the comments of comparing "taskfile" to MS Windows API.
Since he has clearly pointed out the useless nature of the IOCTL and
removed it in 2.5, he must have a better means of diagnotsics and testing
than the rest of the industry. So I am waiting on pins and needles for
this evolution to reveal itself.

> > concept and a requirement of WHQL (Windows Hardware Qualifications Lab)
> > tool kit is not in the front of you mind. Do yourself a favor, and go
> > learn about the hardware and what the REAL CUSTOMERS are requiring of it
> > and then come back to play. You are truly showing your total lack of
> > knowledge of the global hardware industry.
> He's trying to learn. Imagine if learning to drive consisted of someone
> with a megaphone telling you you'll fail and doing nothing but laugh when
> you crash ?
> Now why do you think it'll work any better for IDE ?

Point taken and agreed, so as long has Mr. Dalecki will agree to a point
of peace, we can move forward. Obviously there is much about the top
layer interface to the kernel that is not significant to me at this point,
and he has a stronger grasp than I have an interest. However the mockery
of my knowledge of the physical/host transport is not acceptable. I am
perfectly will and agreeable to grant and give him the respect deserved,
but I also expect and require the same.


Andre Hedrick
LAD Storage Consulting Group

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