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    SubjectRe: 2.5.7 make modules_install error (oss)
    Jaroslav Kysela wrote:

    >On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, J Sloan wrote:
    >>Agreed, the oss drivers should _at least_
    >>be maintained as an alternative, e.g. for
    >>those of us who want reliable sound with
    >>*low latency*
    >>I haven't checked lately, but not too long
    >>ago the alsa drivers were found to be one
    >>of the worst sources of latency in the kernel.
    >You should really take care about your words. You've not written any
    >technical reason to say these sentences.
    Fair enough - I don't see any technical
    reasons why alsa *couldn't* perform as
    well, latency wise, as oss.

    >We are not aware about any
    >problems against low-latency.
    Some folks on this list had been doing latency
    profiling on their kernels during the past year
    (sorry, I don't remember the exact dates) and
    surprisingly the alsa driver was showing up
    as one of the top sources of latency - IIRC one
    possible explanation was "in-kernel mixing".

    >Sure, OSS API emulation is only emulation,
    >so there is additional layer which can be a bit slower than simplified
    >native OSS drivers, but using ALSA API, we get really serious latencies
    >even for multichannel hardware.
    Thanks for the feedback, I'll have to do some
    testing of my own and see what the situation
    is at this point - I'd be very happy to learn that
    my concerns are outdated and already resolved.


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