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    SubjectRe: OOPS: Multipath routing 2.4.17


    On Sat, 2 Mar 2002 wrote:

    > > w = jiffies % fi->fib_power;
    > power = fi->fib_power;
    > barrier();
    > if (power) ...
    > Such thing are made in this way.

    I hope you are sure about this solution for fib_select_multipath
    because I'm not. IMO, the solution from Andi looks more correct
    for the current scheduler.

    What about the new scheduler (for 2.5?), of course, after
    replacing the wrong write_lock() with spin_lock_bh(&fib_nh_powers) ?
    This lock will be used only in fib_select_multipath because
    fib_sync_{up,down} will not play with nh_power. It will protect
    only nh_power and I hope the DEAD flag change will not make big
    problems for fib_select_multipath.

    > Alexey


    Julian Anastasov <>

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