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    SubjectRe: VFS mediator?

    > > > I have experimented with using NFS for that -- start a local daemon that
    > > > exports a virtual filesystem and mount that. The great bonus is that it's
    > > > platform independent -- it works on Solaris, HP-UX and even Ultrix just as
    > > > well. Other projects have become more important, however, and I haven't
    > > > finished it. If you're interested, drop me a line.
    > >
    > > There are several of these and also some folks using the coda interface
    > > to do the same work, as the coda interface is sometimes better suited.
    > ... for some kinds of work.
    > First of all, "VFS mediator" is simply a userland filesystem. That's
    > precisely what it is - filesystem that talks to a process. We've got
    > quite a few of them and which one fits the task depends on the task.
    > * NFS (v2,v3): Portable. And that's the only good thing to say
    > about it - it's stateless, it has messy semantics all over the place and
    > implementing userland server requires a lot of glue.

    Does not work... If you mount nfs server on localhost, you can deadlock.

    > * CODA: nice if you want commit-on-close semantics and basically
    > want a lot of regular files. More or less portable, userland side doesn't
    > require much glue. Has a nice local caching and as the result bad for any
    > RPC-style uses.

    And the only one that works when r/w mounted on localhost.
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