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    SubjectRe: Problems using new Linux-2.4 bitkeeper repository.
    James Bottomley wrote:

    > said:
    >>Through the magic of BK :)
    >>Just do a 'bk pull' on my marcelo-2.4 tree. Since it is based on the
    >>original linux-2.4 tree just like Marcelo's tree, I was able to merge
    >>from my 2.4 line to his 2.4 line.
    >Well, I tried this, but it just gave me a slew of initial rename conflicts.

    This is normal, you just need to accept the remote changes for all those
    new/renamed files. BitKeeper doesn't support doing this automatically
    for all files, so I had to highlight the expected BitKeeper response in
    another window, and then click <paste> on my mouse around 300 times...
    (~300 new files)


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