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    Subject/dev/md0: Device or resource busy
    i'm using 2.4.19-pre3-ac1 (on debian woody) and i was playing with md. it
    appears impossible to "raidstop /dev/md0" when i'm using the 0xfd
    autodetect partition type.

    i have 3 other md devices which i can stop no problem (even with 0xfd
    autodetection), just not /dev/md0.

    % raidstop /dev/md0
    /dev/md0: Device or resource busy

    i don't have any filesystem mounted on md0, and "lsof | grep md" doesn't
    show anything.

    % dmesg | grep md0
    md: created md0
    md0: max total readahead window set to 124k
    md0: 1 data-disks, max readahead per data-disk: 124k
    raid1: raid set md0 active with 2 out of 2 mirrors
    md: updating md0 RAID superblock on device
    md: md0 still in use.

    if i change the partition type to 0xda (is there something more
    appropriate?), and let /etc/init.d/raid2 do the "raidstart /dev/md0" then
    i can raidstop /dev/md0 no problem.

    is there maybe a reference counting problem when 0xfd is in use?

    note that my other md partitions are all 0xfd ... and i can raidstop them
    just fine. (although i have to do it in a particular order since /dev/md3
    is a stripe of /dev/md{1,2}, which are mirrors. /dev/md1 happens to be
    other partitions on the same disks as /dev/md0.)


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