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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.4.18 scheduler bugs
    >> - ksoftirqd() - change daemon nice(2) value from 19 to -19.
    >> SoftIRQ servicing was less important than the most lowly of batch
    >> tasks. This patch makes it more important than all but the realtime
    >> tasks.
    > Bad idea - the right fix to this is to stop using ksoftirqd so readily
    > under load. If it bales after 20 iterations life is good. As shipped life
    > is bad.
    > Once ksoftirq triggers its because we are seriously overloaded (or without
    > fixing its use slightly randomly). In that case we want other stuff to
    > do work before we potentially unleash the next flood.

    That certainly makes sense. Thanks.
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