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    SubjectRe: linux-2.5.4-pre1 - bitkeeper testing
    On Monday 11 March 2002 09:25 am, Steven Cole wrote:
    > On Monday 11 March 2002 09:08 am, Hans Reiser wrote:
    > > Steven Cole wrote:
    > > >Quoting from "VMS General User's Manual", section 2.1.1 Filenames,
    > > > Types, and Versions, "You can control the number of versions of a file
    > > > by specifying the /VERSION_LIMIT qualifier to the DCL commands
    > > >
    > > >It has been a while (about 12 years), but IIRC, you could set
    > > > /VERSION_LIMIT=1 and effectively get rid of the annoying versions. But
    > > > some people, the Aunt Tillie types, were always tripping over their
    > > > shoelaces and unintentially deleting files. For those people, the
    > > > version feature probably seemed a blessing rather than a curse.
    > > >
    > > >Steven
    > >
    > > So with every command to create a directory you had to add an extra
    > > parameter specifying that you didn't want extra versions or else you got
    > > them?
    > >
    > > Hans
    > That is not my recollection. What I remember is that our system
    > admistrator set up people's accounts so that the default behaviour was as
    > desired by the individual. This has gotten me curious, so I went out to a
    > storage container and dug out an old VAX 4000/60 which hasn't run since
    > about 1992. If it works, I'll be able to answer with more than vague
    > memories. At least for VMS 5.1, which is just a bit out of date as the
    > current version is 7.3 or so. Now, if can just remember the SYSTEM
    > password. ;-)

    Apologies to all who don't care about VMS and file version numbers..
    OK, no more vague memories. I got my old VAX 4000 powered up, and three
    amazing things happened:

    1) The VAX booted even though it had been gathering dust for 10 years.
    2) I remembered the SYSTEM password, and my password too!
    3) VMS 5.5-2 was Y2K ready in 1992, taking today's date with no problem.

    I fiddled around a bit with VMS, and it looks like the following command set things
    up for me so that I only have one version for any new files I create:


    This change was persistant across logins. Hope this helps.

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