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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.6 IDE 19
Andre Hedrick wrote:
> On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Alan Cox wrote:
>>>Does the fact that MS XP Service Pack #2 having as similar taskfile
>>>command passthrough method mean anything ... Oh Oh, but there is no
>>>Service Pack #1 how could one know this ... guess my friend some of us are
>>>in the business and you are trying to get there and I wish you success.
>>Actually helping him by getting him info like that would be perhaps more
>>productive than grinning from on high ?
> I would but he is equivalent to Linus and will not listen to facts.

Fact is you are a lame coder. Whatever your other competences
are - I don't know. (Plese note this doesn't imply that
I'm a "master coder".)

Perhaps the only equivalent betwen Linus and me is that we are
both from a cold part of the world, called the Baltic area ;-)
You have even offered to me to provide a stripped down version
of the driver without the *current* task file implementation yourself.
I'm still awaiting it. Or was it your "invisible friend" talking
that time again?

I can really really understand why Pavel is just ignoring you...

But you know what? It's really hard to take someone
serious who is publically calling me doing a blow-job on Linus.
You would be surprised: I don't exchange *that* much
with Linus. I send him patches - he applies them that's all.
And that's all that I expect. What's driving me is the
encouragement from other people just that... and of course
the fun at tinkering with the stuff.

BTW.> I have looked at the contributors lists of some recent
ATA deocument's and couldn't find your name anywhere there.
Maybe you did just the spell checking for them...?
Or mind you could, in a rare moment of clear mind,
send me a pointer? URL perhaps? That would be
really delightfull...

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