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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Futexes IV (Fast Lightweight Userspace Semaphores)
    In article <>,
    Alan Cox <> wrote:
    >So if anything its just not worth the effort of breaking the 386 setup
    >either 8). 386 SMP is a different issue but I don't see any lunatics doing
    >a 386 based sequent port thankfully.

    Since the only person that comes to mind that would be crazy enough to
    even _try_ to use Linux on 386-SMP is you, Alan, I'm really relieved to
    hear you say that ;)

    And no, it's not worth discontinuing i386 support. It just isn't
    painful enough to maintain.

    Note that the i386 has _long_ been a "stepchild", though: because of the
    lack of WP, the kernel simply doesn't do threaded MM correctly on a 386.
    Never has, and never will.

    However, the known "incorrect" case is so obscure that it's not even an
    issue - although I suspect that it means that you should not let
    untrusted users run on a i386 server machine that contains any sensitive
    data. I could cerrtainly come up with exploits that would work at least
    in theory (whether they are workable in practice I don't know).

    Using i386's for network servers is fine, of course. Just don't use
    them for cpu farms (not that I think anybody is - it takes quite a big
    farm of i386 machines to equal even _one_ PII ;)


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