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SubjectRe: queue_nr_requests needs to be selective
Jeff V. Merkey [] wrote:
> ..snip..
> What is really needed here is to allow queue_nr_requests to be
> configurable on a per adapter/device basis for these high end
> raid cards like 3Ware since in a RAID 0 configuration, 8 drives
> are in essence a terabyte (1.3 terrabytes in our configuration)
> and each adapter is showing up as a 1.3 TB device. 64/128
> requests are simply not enough to get the full spectrum of
> performance atainable with these cards.
Not having direct experience on this card it appears that increasing the
queue_nr_requests number will not allow you to have more ios in flight.

Unless I am reading the driver wrong you will be limited to
TW_MAX_CMDS_PER_LUN (15). This value is used by scsi_build_commandblocks
to allocate scsi commands for your scsi_device. This driver does not provide
a select_queue_depths function which allows for increase to the default
template value.

Could it be that the experimentation of increasing this number has
allowed for better merging.

Michael Anderson

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