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    Subjectqueue_nr_requests needs to be selective


    Performance numbers can be increased dramatically (> 300 MB/S)
    by increasing queue_nr_requests in ll_rw_blk.c on large RAID
    controllers that are hosting a lot of drives.

    We have noticed that with the defaults of 64/128 for queue_nr_requests,
    2.4.18 performance hits a wall at 230 MB/S system wide. We have gotten
    this number to approach 300 MB/S across 4 adapters (for short periods
    during cache flushing)
    by putting 2 cards on the 33 Mhz bus and 2 cards on the 66 Mhx bus
    in a Serverworks configuration running Dolphin's SCI adapters as
    the interconnect to connect the adapters to an SCI clustering

    With queue_nr_requests set to 64/128, we have noticed via profile=2
    that a lot of time is spent needlessly going to sleep in
    __get_request_wait() with calling threads sleeping way more than is
    needed. Since SCI does direct memory DMA,s we are at present pushing
    238 MB/S from an SCI adapter into local cache and the cache is bursting
    writes to the 3Ware adapters at very high data rates > 300 MB/S, but
    only after I have hard coded 1024 into queue_nr_requests for the
    disk queues in 2.4.18. We are at 34% utilization on a single
    processor (no SMP) moving data at these rates with SCI.

    What is really needed here is to allow queue_nr_requests to be
    configurable on a per adapter/device basis for these high end
    raid cards like 3Ware since in a RAID 0 configuration, 8 drives
    are in essence a terabyte (1.3 terrabytes in our configuration)
    and each adapter is showing up as a 1.3 TB device. 64/128
    requests are simply not enough to get the full spectrum of
    performance atainable with these cards.

    These number needs to be increased. I cannot get any 2.4.18
    system to get above 230 MB/S with 3ware RAID adapters with
    the numbers set to 64/128 on these big devices. An array
    of 8 x 160BG disks eats up these request queue free lists,
    then the feeding threads spend most of their time asleep.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Jeff Merkey

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