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    SubjectRe: [PATCH/RFC] videodev.[ch] redesign
    > > It also provides a ioctl wrapper function which handles copying the
    > > ioctl args from/to userspace, so we have this at one place can drop all
    > > the copy_from/to_user calls within the v4l device driver ioctl handlers.
    > That is a large improvement.
    > But you don't include a lock against reentry, which is bad.

    I don't want to handle the wrapper function too much. IMHO it is the
    job of the driver to do locking if needed. For some read-only ioctls
    like VIDIOCGCAP you don't need locking at all.

    > > Comments?
    > Could you make a helper for open like for ioctl ?

    video_open does call video_device[minor]->fops->open(), isn't that

    > And please don't use a pointer to the device descriptor
    > in the file structure. It makes live for USB devices much harder.

    Sorry, I don't understand. What exactly do you mean?
    file->private_data? videodev.c doesn't touch it ...


    #define ENOCLUE 125 /* userland programmer induced race condition */
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