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    SubjectRe: [RFC] List of maintainers
    On 5 February 2002 16:00, Greg KH wrote:
    > > > Vojtech Pavlik <> [5 feb 2002]
    > > > Input device drivers (drivers/input/*, drivers/char/joystick/*).
    > > > Some USB drivers (printer, acm, catc, hid*, usbmouse, usbkbd, wacom).
    > > > VIA IDE support.
    > >
    > > I want these entries to sound like "Hey, I am working on these parts of
    > > the kernel, if you have something, send it to me not to Linus". With
    > > precise indication of those parts and your level of involvement:
    > Um, isn't that what Vojtech said? You just converted his response into
    > full sentances.

    I am happy with his entry. "I want these entries...." was targeted mostly at
    other entry makers.

    > But I'm curious why you want to sort the list of maintainers by the
    > maintainer name. Isn't the format of the current MAINTAINERS file much
    > nicer in that it's sorted by subsystem and driver type? For if you want
    > to know who to send your USB Printer driver changes to, you just look
    > that up, instead of having to search through your file, which is ordered
    > in the other way.

    Hmm. Don't know how to do it best... reverse date sort clearly shows obsolete
    entries, I like it. Also people might like to see who is in the upper part of
    the list (i.e. who is active), I like it too.

    > So in short, why are you trying to do this?

    To improve lk development process. To help bug reports and patches reach
    _relevant_ addresses. This is big problem now, big guys may ignore small
    fixes, fixes posted to lkml are likely to never even _reach_ big guys who
    don't read lkml (guess who :-). This confuse newcomers and J. Random Hackers.

    I hope patchbot and dynamically updated maintainer list may help lk
    development scale better.
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