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SubjectRe: Kernel reboot problem
Well, not having the proper fs drivers compiled in would not cause the
machine to reboot at that point. The lack of an initrd-2.4.17-10.img file
probably would though.

--Drew Vogel

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Todor Todorov wrote:

>Drew P. Vogel wrote:
>>What does the initrd= line do, and how does initrd-2.4.17-10.img get in
>It's a compressed file containing the compiled modules which is needed
>if a driver should be initialized before mounting the root file system,
>eg a driver for the root system. As it is in the 2.4.7 image section it
>refers only to the 2.4.7 kernel and not 2.4.18 (or whatever he tries to
>And speaking of it - J.S.S., did you take the options from the Red Hat's
>stock kernel as an example to choose your options? (From your mail I
>recon that this is one of your first attempts to compile an own kernel,
>am I correct?) If you did that, you rpobably included the fs driver for
>your root system as a module and not hardlinked in the kernel - just as
>Red Hat does? In such case you would need either to provide an initrd
>image too (`man initrd`), or recompile your kernel with the driver for
>the root filesystem ( ext2 or/and ext3 or reiserfs, don't know how you
>formated your linux partition(s) ) with <y> as option for it instead of
>Stupid me for not suggesting to check that in the first mail :-/
>Hope you will locate the error quickliy.
>Todor Todorov <>
>Networkadministration <>
>SKR GmbH & Co. KG
>"Only two things are infinite, the universe and the
> human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former"
> - Einstein

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