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    SubjectRe: How to check the kernel compile options ?
    At 01:22 PM 2/4/02, you wrote:
    >Followup to: <>
    >By author: David Relson <>
    >In newsgroup:
    > >
    > > I remember discussion of that patch some time ago and the main complaint
    > > about it was that it increases the size of the kernel, i.e. vmlinuz. Why
    > > not put the need info in a module? Doing that would enable the following
    > > command:
    > >
    > > zgrep CONFIG_PROC /lib/modules/`uname -r`/config.gz
    > >
    > > (or something similar).
    > >
    >Uhm, no. The problem with it is that you're using kernel memory
    >because you're not willing to manage userspace competently, so modules
    >(in fact, *using modules at all*) would be right out.

    Yeah, it does have the undesirable dependency on modules, doesn't it?

    >I have had in my /sbin/installkernel a clause to save .config as
    >config-<foo> when I install vmlinuz-<foo>; I believe anyone not doing
    >that[1] is, quite frankly, a moron.

    Why not a simple patch for "make install" to do this?

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