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    SubjectRe: Congrats Marcelo,
    On Feb 26, 2002  12:38 -0800, Dennis, Jim wrote:
    > Now I need to know about the status of several unofficial patches:

    While my word is by no means official, my general understanding is:

    > XFS

    Not for 2.4 - just too many changes to the core kernel code.

    > LVM

    Heinz already submitted updates for LVM.

    > i2c
    > Crypto
    > FreeS/WAN KLIPS
    > LIDS

    No idea.

    > rmap

    I don't think Rik has even asked for this to be included yet, as he
    still has some known issues to be worked out.

    In any case, Marcelo (probably) isn't out hunting for new patches to
    add (especially after Alan's email about 78 patches he sent yesterday).
    If the maintainers feel their code is ready and ask Marcelo to include
    it, you will probably read about it here first.

    Cheers, Andreas
    Andreas Dilger

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