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    SubjectRE: Linux 2.4.18

    On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, Holzrichter, Bruce wrote:

    > > Ok, DAMN. I missed the -rc4 patch in 2.4.18. Real sorry about that.
    > >
    > > 2.4.19-pre1 will contain it.
    > Should 2.4.18 final get a -dontuse tag or something?

    No. A "-dontuse" tag should be only used when the kernel can cause damage
    in some way.

    The patch which I missed only breaks static apps on _some_ architectures
    (not including x86).

    > Some people may get confused grabbing 2.4.18 and not getting the fixes
    > that went into rc-4? Just a thought...

    I already changed's changelog adding:

    "Update: The SET_PERSONALITY fix in rc4 has _not_
    been included in the final 2.4.18 by mistake."

    I guess thats enough.

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