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    SubjectRe: Flash Back -- kernel 2.1.111
    On Sun, Feb 24, 2002 at 02:27:51PM -0800, Andre Hedrick wrote:
    > Obviously this will be a sticking point on the baseclock assumed for each
    > host; however, the excitement of the commentary tends to validate the
    > concerns express, but poor word choice.
    > Given the baseclock is used to setup PIO, and that is the method to issue
    > and execute the command block, and all other transfers which are not DMA,
    > it stands to reason, if this becomes messed up so will the transfers.
    > So my comments in concerns are valid given each host is different and
    > those capable of determining there internal baseclock which may vary from
    > the actual PCI slot baseclock, FSB, etc ... will be okay. The rest of
    > those which depend on user input of a default safe value which has been
    > defined in the past and verified by history must remain.

    And so they stay, if you read the patch. It doesn't change any
    functionality, really, just the implementation.

    > In the past we carried a global since driverfs was not present.

    I don't think driverfs will change this much.

    > As a point of reference for removal of the pci read/write space to the
    > host, I strongly suggest that be left alone.

    Why? Please name at least one good reason.

    > As for the removal of the
    > settings file, may of the distributions use this as a means to issue
    > script calls to enable and disable features w/o the use of an additional
    > application like "hdparm".

    I don't remember this being removed, but my memory may be wrong here.

    Vojtech Pavlik
    SuSE Labs
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