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Subject[BUG] 2.4.18-pre/rc broke PLIP
[sent to Tim Waugh and Marcelo previously, but of course
I managed to put a typo in the cc: to lkml]

Someone (sorry I forgot who) reported having problems with
PLIP in recent kernels. I've done some testing and can confirm
that PLIP worked up to 2.4.17 but broke in 2.4.18-pre/rc.
The only thing PLIP does is put "plip0: transmit timeout(1,87)"
messages in the kernel log.

After a lot of testing I've narrowed it down to the following
hunk in the 2.4.18-rc4 patch:

--- linux.orig/drivers/parport/parport_pc.c Mon Feb 18 20:18:40 2002
+++ linux/drivers/parport/parport_pc.c Mon Jan 14 19:08:50 2002
@@ -2212,7 +2233,7 @@
memcpy (ops, &parport_pc_ops, sizeof (struct parport_operations));
priv->ctr = 0xc;
- priv->ctr_writable = 0xff;
+ priv->ctr_writable = ~0x10;
priv->ecr = 0;
priv->fifo_depth = 0;
priv->dma_buf = 0;
If I back this hunk out, PLIP starts working again.
Is this fix sufficient or is there something else that need fixing?

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