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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] bring sanity to div64.h and do_div usage
    Jes Sorensen wrote:
    > Anton Altaparmakov <> writes:
    > > At 17:57 08/02/02, Troy Benjegerdes wrote:
    > > >Well, there's a reason I left out CONFIG_M68K deps.. Go tell me where
    > > >CONFIG_M68K is defined.. ;)
    > >
    > > Appologies, it's in but that is not a too useful places to
    > > have it. However the kernel seems to be using:
    > >
    > > #if defined(__mc68000__) so just use that instead. Any m68k people reading
    > > this care to comment?
    > __mc68000__ is the correct define, I don't know who put in CONFIG_M68K
    > but it doesn't belong there.

    I disagree -- look at arch/*/

    Each arch needs to define a CONFIG_$ARCH.

    It looks like cris and mk68 are one of the few arches that fail to do
    > # Identify this as a Sparc64 build
    > define_bool CONFIG_SPARC64 y

    Sigh, this should be in an 'arch' specification :)


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