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    SubjectNew Affix Release: Affix-0_93
    Hi all,

    Find new affix release Affix-0_93 on

    Version 0.93 [22.02.2002]
    - [fix] extern inline replaced by static inline
    prevent un-optimized compilation problem
    - [new] usb driver support any bluetooth deivices
    - [fix] btsdp_browse connection establishment
    - [new] L2CAP socket can be connected through any Bluetooth adapter
    sockaddr_l2cap {
    ... old fields..
    BD_ADDR local;
    set *local* to Bluetooth address of the adapter to connect through.
    - [fix] hci devices are removing well on *btctl close_uart *
    - [fix] added locks for l2cap objects
    - [fix] compilation problem for older kernel (2.4.7 at least) - headers ...

    Br, Dmitry

    Dmitry Kasatkin
    Nokia Research Center / Helsinki
    Mobile: +358 50 4836365

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