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SubjectRe: Continuing /dev/random problems with 2.4 (Jeff Garzik)  wrote on 01.02.02 in <>:

> The userspace tools for i810 RNG specifically are available at the
> website URL mentioned in the source code. So if somebody cannot find
> them, feel free to laugh.

I'm sure you didn't mean the URL to the tools is in the source of the
tools, right?

So then, which other sources do you mean? "The Linux kernel", for example,
is an awful lot of source. And in any case, why would you expect anyone
(who probably hasn't heard that the i810 *has* a RNG) to look at it just
to find out if possibly there was a tool that could be helpful for

What am I missing here? I hope I *am* missing something here ...

MfG Kai
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