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    SubjectRe: readl/writel and memory barriers
    On Tue, Feb 19, 2002 at 11:33:22AM -0800, David Mosberger wrote:
    > It certainly does for on ia64-compliant system. Check section 9.3
    > "Multi-threaded Code" in the "Itanium Software Conventions and Runtime
    > Architecture manual".

    I don't have that doc handy, but I'll trust your judgement...

    > Now, with NUMA platforms, where the chipsets/switch may re-order
    > accesses, the performance hit will be much bigger, so the old scheme
    > may not be sufficient.

    Right. I still have to do some performance measurements, but I
    suspect that as the system size goes up, we'll see the I/O ordering
    penalty increase. It'll probably get noticable at around 64p.

    > I'm no NUMA expert, but my guess is that nobody will want to go
    > through all the existing drivers to change them to use mmiob(). For
    > new drivers, it might be OK.

    The source level impact should actually be pretty small. An mmiob()
    prior to the spin_unlock in a critical section that does I/O usually
    suffices. Maybe it would be a good idea to have io_spin_lock and
    io_spin_unlock for this purpose?

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