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    SubjectRe: Maybe a VM bug in 2.4.18-18 from RH 8.0?
    On Fri, 2002-12-06 at 01:25, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > GrandMasterLee wrote:
    > >
    > > Just curious, but how long would it take a system with 8GB RAM, using 4G
    > > or 64G kernel to fall over?
    > A few seconds if you ran the wrong thing. Never if you ran something
    > else.
    > > One thing I've noticed, is that 2.4.19aa2
    > > runs great on a box with 8GB when I don't allocate all that much, but
    > > seems to run into issues after a large DB has been running on it for
    > > several days. (i.e. the system get's generally a little slower, less
    > > responsive, and in some cases crashes after 7 days).
    > "crashes"? kernel, or application? What additional info is
    > available?

    Machine will panic. I've actually captured some and sent them to this
    list, but I've been told that my stack was corrupt. Problem is, ATM, I
    can't find a memory problem. Memtest86 locks up on test 4(as in, machine
    needs hard booting), no matter if it's 8GB or 4GB RAM installed. An no
    matter if *known good* ram is being tested as well. So I don't think
    it's that per se.

    > > Yes, I know, sounds like a memory leak in something, but aside from
    > > patching Oracle from's can't find any new patches ATM), I've
    > > tried everything except changing my kernel.
    > >
    > > Could this be similar behaviour?
    > No, it's something else. Possibly a leak, possibly vma structures.

    Could that yield a corrupt stack?

    > You should wait until the machine is sluggish, then capture
    > the output of:
    > vmstat 1
    > cat /proc/meminfo
    > cat /proc/slabinfo
    > ps aux

    I shall gather the information sometime 12/06/2002. TIA

    --The GrandMaster
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