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SubjectRe: lkml,
* Dave Jones ( wrote in reply to my reply:
> This was something that was brought up in a discussion at the kernel
> summit by (I think) Paul Mackerras. The question was how to make
> sure we get all arch's in sync before doing a release.
> It should be fairly straightforward thing to do for 2.6.x releases,
> but during 2.5.x when stuff is changing so rapidly, it doesn't make
> sense to hold up the majority of users just so the other archs can
> play catch up.

True; thats why I only started submitting these now we are feature
chilled. I reckoned it was important not to get into the misconception
we didn't have many bugs left because things were starting to chug along
nicely on x86.

> > Don't forget that ia64, x86-64 and s390 are all potentially growing
> > users of Linux.
> ia64 and x86-64 maybe, but s390 is way out of the pricerange of most
> Linux users. Those who can afford it will likely use distro kernels anyway
> due to the added support they paid for.

True; but sometimes people have desires to run the same/similar kernel
versions on all their systems and/or use some patches without having to
have versions for all systems.

> > Linux on ARM, MIPS and PPC also has a healthy band of
> > productive (commercial and home) users.
> Russell has done a great job at keeping ARM up to date in 2.5,
> as have the PPC folks. For the most part, the archs aren't that
> out of sync. (Insert comedy remark here about m68k being more
> up to date than alpha).

Indeed - (Alpha is actually one of the few non-x86 architectures
that actually built fully for me in a recent 2.5.x - and made a passable
attempt at booting)

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