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    SubjectRe: [PATCHSET] 2.4.21-pre2-jp15
    Hi Margit,

    You are right, I missed the obvious case when preempt is disabled at all. An
    updated patch is here:

    The proc_get_inode problem is for a long time now a vanilla kernel problem,
    since the early days of 2.4.

    I assume the proc_get_inode function is considered not to be exported because
    the proc fs driver was likely to have race conditions, so Marcelo don't feel
    ok with fixing it. The comx driver is broken with proc fs.

    Maybe Gergely Madarasz <> (comx Maintainer) is going to fix it. My
    favorite solution would be getting rid of proc_get_inode in

    Al Viro announced a rework of proc fs a long time ago, I don't know if the
    changes have been made.

    Willy Tarreau tried a fix in comx, but gave up:

    Some more URLs from Google:


    From the ChangeLog of 2.4.0prerelease-ac6
    o Fix proc_get_inode export (for comx) (Hans Grobler)


    Also, the code in comx don't seem to be clean according to this NULL checker
    tool. In fact, de->name is dereferenced without being checked.

    [BUG] contra
    ERROR:INTERNAL_NULL:924:920: [type=set] (set at line 924) Dereferencing NULL
    ptr "de" illegally! [val=400]
    struct proc_dir_entry *de;
    struct inode *inode = NULL;

    if ((de = (struct proc_dir_entry *) dir->u.generic_ip) != NULL) {
    Error --->
    for (de = de->subdir ; de ; de = de->next) {
    if ((de && de->low_ino) &&
    (de->namelen == dentry->d_name.len) &&
    (memcmp(dentry->, de->name,
    Start --->
    de->namelen) == 0)) {
    if ((inode = proc_get_inode(dir->i_sb,
    de->low_ino, de)) == NULL) {
    printk(KERN_ERR "COMX: lookup error\n");

    I don't have the hardware, so I can't help with a solid fix. While there is no
    good solution, I recommend to disable the driver.


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