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    SubjectRe: Dedicated kernel bug database
    > > > > I've got loads of ideas about how we could build a better bug
    > > > > database

    > > > Go ahead, knock yourself out. Come back when you're done.

    > > Not sure what you mean. I do intend to start coding a new bug
    > > database system today, and I'll announce it on the list when it's
    > > ready. If nobody likes it, I wasted my time.

    > What are your ideas???

    * Automatic parsing of things like .config files and oopsen.

    * Version tracking that is more suited to a codebase that has at least
    5 very active trees.

    * Fully controlable by E-Mail, not only web.

    Those are the ones I'm most interested in initially. Other things can

    I'd had a lot of comments saying that it would be better to either add
    these ideas to Bugzilla, or to write a generic bug database, and not
    make it specific to kernel development.

    The reasons I'm _not_ doing either of those is mostly:

    * I don't like Bugzilla at all

    * It's easy to make a kernel-specific bug database generic, and not so
    easy to make a generic database kernel-specific

    Incidently, can your TV set top box browse the web, or just send
    E-Mail? It would be quite cool if you could go through the bug
    database using it :-)

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