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SubjectRe: Kernel GCC Optimizations
On Saturday 21 December 2002 04:10 pm, wrote:
> > > Is there any risk using -O3 instead of -O2 to compile the
> > > kernel, and why?
> >
> > * It might uncover subtle bugs that would otherwise not occur.
> I wonder: for the sake of performance and good use of the precious
> clock- cycles, shouldn't there be made a start of fixing those
> bugs? Assuming that the bugs you're talking about are not
> compiler-bugs, they *are* bugs in the code that should be fixed,
> shouldn't they?
> > * Compiling with unusual options means that less people will know
> > about any problems it causes you.
> So, let's make it -O6 per default for 2.7.x/3.1.x?

Let's not. I'd rather have the best kernel developers concentrating on
finishing important kernel features rather than digging their way out
of esoteric optimizer debugging sessions only to find it was a flaw
in gcc. The difference in performance boost between -O2 and greater
levels isn't usually enough to make a significant impact, not as
significant as the introduction of important new features, for
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