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SubjectRe: Dedicated kernel bug database
On Thu, 2002-12-19 at 20:20, Martin J. Bligh wrote:
> >> Anything in "OPEN" state isn't really assigned to anyone yet.
> >> (the state would really better be named "NEW", but it's not).
> >> People should move it to "ASSIGNED" if they're working on it.
> >
> > So the process is to query for all open bugs (but not
> > assigned) then email each person to let them know you are
> > working on it?
> Sounds about right. If we had processes ;-)
> >> Go to file a new bug, click on the link by the subcategories, and it'll
> >> tell you (you'll have to pick the main category first).
> >
> > That is convoluted. You have to file a bug to find out who
> > the subsystem maintainers are? Can you put it somewhere more
> > obvious?
> Well, you don't have to file one, you just pretend to. But it's
> not nice, I agree. Jon, is there an easier way to do this, and get
> all the information in one shot?
> M.

There is also a link to it on the query page - the Components label.
Basically its a link to
We could put a link to it on the main page or elsewhere too if that
would be more convenient. It would be easy enough to write a page to
show all the component owners in one shot too if desired.


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