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    SubjectRe: [BENCHMARK] scheduler tunables with contest - prio_bonus_ratio
    On Thu, 2002-12-19 at 19:02, Andrew Morton wrote:

    > What Con said. When the scheduler makes an inappropriate decision,
    > shortening the timeslice minimises its impact.

    OK, I tried it. It does suck.

    I wonder why, though, because with the estimator off the scheduler
    should not be making "bad" decisions.

    > > But that in no way precludes not fixing what we have, because good
    > > algorithms should not require tuning for common cases. Period.
    > hm. Good luck ;)
    > This is a situation in which one is prepares to throw away some cycles
    > to achieve a desired effect.

    Well one option would be no algorithm at all :)

    But if you can find good values that make things run nice, then perhaps
    we just need to change the defaults.

    I think we should merge sched-tune..

    Robert Love

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