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    SubjectRe: [PATCH][2.4] generic cluster APIC support for systems with more than 8 CPUs
    On Wed, Dec 18, 2002 at 02:36:20PM -0800, Pallipadi, Venkatesh wrote:
    > These reasons together led to panics on other OEM systems with > 8 CPUS. The
    > patch tries to fix this issue in a generic way (in place of having multiple
    > hacks for different OEMs). Note, the patch only intends to change the
    > initialization of systems with more than 8 CPUs and it will not affect
    > other systems (apart from possible bugs in my code itself).

    Any pointers to these systems?

    > - Separate out xAPIC stuff from APIC destination setup. And the availability of
    > xAPIC support can actually be determined from the LAPIC version.

    Are you sure? IIRC some of the early summit boxens didn't report the
    right versions..

    > - physical mode support _removed_, as we can use clustered logical setup to
    > support can support upto a max of 60 CPUs. This is mainly because of the
    > advantage of being able to setup IOAPICs in LowestPrio, when using clustered mode.

    does this really not break anything in the fragile summit setups?

    - bool 'Multi-node NUMA system support' CONFIG_X86_NUMA
    - if [ "$CONFIG_X86_NUMA" = "y" ]; then
    + bool 'Clustered APIC (> 8 CPUs) support' CONFIG_X86_APIC_CLUSTER
    + if [ "$CONFIG_X86_APIC_CLUSTER" = "y" ]; then
    + define_bool CONFIG_X86_CLUSTERED_APIC y

    Do we really need CONFIG_X86_APIC_CLUSTER _and_ CONFIG_X86_CLUSTERED_APIC?

    unsigned long id;
    - if(clustered_apic_mode == CLUSTERED_APIC_XAPIC)
    - id = physical_to_logical_apicid(hard_smp_processor_id());
    + if(clustered_apic_mode)
    + id = cpu_2_logical_apicid[smp_processor_id()];

    Okay, this was wrong before, but any chance you could use proper
    style here (i.e. if ()

    id = 1UL << smp_processor_id();

    - if (mp_ioapics[apic].mpc_apicid >= apic_broadcast_id) {
    + if ( !xapic_support &&
    + (mp_ioapics[apic].mpc_apicid >= apic_broadcast_id)) {

    if (!xapic_support &&
    (mp_ioapics[apic].mpc_apicid >= apic_broadcast_id)) {

    + if ( !xapic_support ) {


    - if (clustered_apic_mode == CLUSTERED_APIC_NUMAQ) {
    + if (clustered_apic_mode &&
    + (configured_platform_type == CONFIGURED_PLATFORM_NUMA) ) {

    Doesn;t configured_platform_type == CONFIGURED_PLATFORM_NUMA imply
    clustered_apic_mode? and it should be at least CONFIGURED_PLATFORM_NUMAQ,
    btw. Probably better something short like SUBARCH_NUMAQ..

    Except of that the patch looks fine, but IMHO something like that should
    get testing in 2.5 first.
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