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SubjectRe: Freezing.. (was Re: Intel P6 vs P7 system call performance)
> > I was trying to point out in an amusing way that a repeat of the BK
> > flamewar we've seen on LKML was inappropriate.
> I got the joke but I don't have a US postal address 8)

Eh??? US postal address? What!? Now I am really confused.

> More seriously we have defect tracking now - >
> We have an advanced scalable groupware communication environment (email)
> How the actual patches get applied really isnt relevant. I know Linus
> hated jitterbug, Im guessing he hates bugzilla too ?

I don't like bugzilla particularly, it's too clunky, and it's
difficult to check that you are not entering a duplicate bug when the
database gets too big. Maybe that's just my opinion, though. Maybe I
should write a better bug tracking system...

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