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    SubjectRE: [PATCH 2.5.52] Use __set_current_state() instead of current-> state = (take 1)

    > > - any setting before a return should be barriered unless we
    > > return to a place[s] known to be harmless
    > Not sure.

    Well, I think it makes kind of sense. If we know we are
    returning to some place where nothing bad could happen
    with reordering ... well, so be it, don't use __set_...()

    > > - any setting to TASK_RUNNING should be kind of safe
    > Yes, I agree. It may race, but with what?

    Hmmm ... I guess it could race, but it would not really
    be that important [unless maybe certain constructs], as
    the only setting it will go to would be [UN]INTERRUPTIBLE,
    where it would be waken up afterwards, as it'd be out of the
    rq, STOPPED, same thing, out of the rq, ZOMBIE or DEAD [gone].

    I guess in this case, the only one I can come up with,
    there would be an inconsistency between the actual state
    of the task in task->state and the real one [or its position
    in whatever rq or wq].

    Could that have ugly consequences? I dunno ...

    > > - current->state = TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE;
    > > + __set_current_state(TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE);
    > > spin_unlock_irq(&oldsig->siglock);
    > >
    > > Should be safe, as spin_unlock_irq() will do memory clobber
    > > on sti() [undependant from UP/SMP].
    > The memory clobber only acts as a compiler barrier and insures the
    > compiler does not reorder the statements from the order in the C code.

    while (1)
    printk ("Inaky, remember, clobber is a hint to gcc\n");

    And that would now really work when CONFIG_X86_OOSTORE=1 is required
    [after all, it is a write, so it'd need the equivalent of a wmb() or
    Okay, changing that one too, just in case.

    Inaky Perez-Gonzalez -- Not speaking for Intel - opinions are my own [or my

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