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    SubjectRe: Intel P6 vs P7 system call performance

    On Wed, 18 Dec 2002, Stephen Rothwell wrote:
    > It would help to know what "unhappy" means :-)

    Andrew reported an oops in the BIOS. I ahev the full oops info somewhere,
    but quite frankly it isn't that readable. It shows

    EIP: 00b8:[<000044d7>] Not tainted
    ds: 0000 es: 0000 ss: 0068
    Call Trace:
    [<c0112739>] apm_bios_call+0x75/0xf4
    [<c0130000>] cache_init_objs+0x34/0xd8
    [<c0112b72>] apm_get_power_status+0x42/0x84
    [<c012d843>] __alloc_pages+0x77/0x244
    [<c0113828>] apm_get_info+0x38/0xe4
    [<c016982d>] proc_file_read+0xa9/0x1ac
    [<c0141b53>] vfs_read+0xb7/0x138
    [<c0141dee>] sys_read+0x2a/0x40
    [<c0108e67>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb

    and I suspect the problem is that 0 in ds/es..

    > Does the following fix it for you? Untested, assumes cache lines are 32
    > bytes.



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