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Notable events:

(1) I switched to mainline releases since intermediate -bk snapshots
vaporize after the following mainline release.
(2) The driverfs oops fix got merged.
(3) A new patch dynamically sizes the pidhash to save memory on tiny boxen.
(4) A new patch has a small experiment with pte_chain pointer block sizes.

My NUMA-Q has PCI-PCI bridges and I've not quite gotten
them working yet. Here's the workaround. If someone
would be kind enough to make PCI segments not require
3 cleanup passes and an accessor that changes semantics
between each pass and after the last one I'd be much obliged.

Update __do_SAK() to use for_each_task_pid(). It was
looking for all tasks in a given session.

Keep count of real processes (not threads) and don't
walk the tasklist in proc_fill_super().

Use for_each_task_pid() in cap_set_pg(). It's trying
to find all tasks in a given pgrp.

05_vm86 Bugfix for not using release on exit() but instead
scanning for a matching task pointer, which is oopsable.

get_task() is attempting to do find_task_by_pid().
Call find_task_by_pid() and remove tasklist scanning.

Speed up NUMA-Q mem_map initialization by freeing
higher-order pages during highpage init.

Allocate pgdat's from node-local memory on NUMA-Q.

Remove the unused has_stopped_jobs() function and
rename __has_stopped_jobs() to has_stopped_jobs().

Increase the size of the inode wait table.

Use slab ctor's to reduce the initialization costs of
PAE pgd's and pmd's.

Dynamically size the pidhash hashtable at boot-time,
proportional to memory. 128KB isn't used until 1GB RAM.
Kernel BSS reduced by (almost) 128KB.

Try forcibly increasing NRPTE to just slightly above the
mean pte_chain length for theoretically less allocation
overhead and/or L2 cache footprint (note: they're already
>= L1_CACHE_BYTES). If this doesn't work, all you'll get
is internal fragmentation (measurable by comparing the
slab info to nr_reverse_maps).
I'm not 100% sure I want to keep core VM stuff in here...
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