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SubjectRe: Is this going to be true ?
"Richard B. Johnson" <> writes:

>> Why would that be good? People would start using their programs and
>> blame Linux when they crash.

>Well, when the program crashes, you get to run it again under Linux
>and Unix operating systems. Not so with Windows. With Windows, you
>reinstall windows after first booting DOS from a floppy and using

Grow up and stop spreading FUD. I haven't had to reinstall a Windows
2000 server ever since it was released (not that there were many that
I ever used. But I actually did and deployed apps on them). 95, 98 and
ME maybe. NT4 almost never and W2K is a quite stable platform even
under load.

I'm amazed that the most violent Windows critique comes from people
that claim to "never have touched a M$ operating system in their whole
life". But then again, same goes to the Linux critics... :-)


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