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SubjectRe: Exaggerated swap usage
* Andrea Arcangeli <> [021130 19:47]:

>> > I'm about to try 2.4.20-jam0, -aa derived. I'll post results from that
>> > kernel later.

>> aa runs beautifully but it locked up once on me..

>send me SYSRQ+T SYSRQ+P and everything else you know about it. if you
>have AGP enabled try to reproduce with 10_x86-fast-pte-2 backed out.

I spoke too fast. Just after sending the e-mail, I kept reading the
mailing-list within mutt while compiling sane-backends and it locked up.
It's the first time I try kmsgdump, which comes included in -aa, I
dumped the info to a FAT12 disk. Yet the messages.txt I found on the
disk shows nothing.
I attach it anyway, just in case, since it is 16384 bytes in size but
doubt it'll be of any use.
How else can I take down the kernel dump without any additional computer
at hand? I'd prefer not having to write it down, ... but I'll do it if
there's no other way.

Javier Marcet <>
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