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SubjectRe: Kswapd madness in 2.4 kernels
Status report:

Due to dependencies, I didn't try the two recommended patches alone. I ran
Andrea's 2.4.20-pre10aa1 kernel on the test load for one week. Low memory
was conserved and kswapd never went out of control. Presumably,
05_vm_16_active_free_zone_bhs-1 did the job for buffers, and the inode patch
continued to work.

Are there any plans on getting these into 2.4.21?

On Thursday 24 October 2002 09:32 pm, Andrew Morton wrote:
> James Cleverdon wrote:
> > Andrea_Archangeli-inode_highmem_imbalance.patch Type: text/x-diff
> That's in -aa kernels, is correct and is needed.
> > Andrew_Morton-2.4_VM_sucks._Again.patch Type: text/x-diff
> hmm. Someone seems to have renamed my nuke-buffers patch ;)
> My main concern is that this was a real quickie; it does a very
> aggressive takedown of buffer_heads. Andrea's kernels contain a
> patch which takes a very different approach. See
> I don't think anyone has tried that patch in isolation though...
> If nuke-buffers passes testing and doesn't impact performance then
> fine. A more cautious approach would be to use the active_free_zone_bhs
> patch. If that proves inadequate then add in the "read" part of
> nuke-buffers. That means dropping the fs/buffer.c part.
> -

On Friday 25 October 2002 09:57 am, Rik van Riel wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, James Cleverdon wrote:
> > We have some customers with some fairly beefy servers. They can get the
> > system into an unusable state that has been reported on lkml before.
> >
> > The two attached patches applied to 2.4.19 fix the problem on our test
> > boxes.
> >
> > Are these patches still considered a good idea for 2.4? Is there
> > something better I should be using?
> Yes, these patches are a good idea. I'm curious why they
> haven't been submitted to Marcelo yet ;)
> Rik

James Cleverdon
IBM xSeries Linux Solutions
{jamesclv(Unix, preferred), cleverdj(Notes)} at us dot ibm dot com

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