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SubjectRe: Linux v2.5.46
On 4 Nov 2002, David S. Miller wrote:

> On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 18:37, Kai Germaschewski wrote:
> > On Mon, 4 Nov 2002, george anzinger wrote:
> >
> > > I think we need a newer objcopy :(
> >
> > Alternatively, use this patch. (It's not really needed to force people to
> > upgrade binutils when ld can do the job, as it e.g. does in
> > arch/i386/boot/compressed/Makefile already).
> Does not work for me at all on sparc64, it complains that *.gz has an
> unknown file format.

I suppose that's because sparc64 doesn't properly define LDFLAGS_BLOB (nor
did it define ARCHBLOBFLAGS, which is replaced by the former now). Look
at arch/i386/Makefile::LDFLAGS_BLOB and adapt accordingly ;)

> Why not just hexdump the thing into an array of char foo.c file,
> then compile that.

Well, I wouldn't think there's any toolchain which doesn't support the
current way when given the right flags, so that looks faster and cleaner
to me.


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