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SubjectRe: [PATCH] SCSI and FibreChannel Hotswap for linux 2.5.44-bk2
On Wednesday 30 October 2002 18:54, Steven Dake wrote:

> This patch has been reviewed by Alan Cox, Greg KH, Christoph Hellwig,
> Patrick Mansfield, Rob Landly, Jeff Garzik, Scott Murray, James

I haven't got a single system around here with SCSI hardware in it anymore,
and the last time I dealt with fibrechannel was almost two years ago now. I
just tracked the patch for other people who would be interested.


P.S. Personally, I think SCSI is kind of pointless these days. I fit 20 IDE
drives in a box once, configured as raid 5. These days that would be over 3
terabytes. Yes, the cables were annoying. And if you need more space than
that just use a clustering filesystem over gigabit eithernet. Or for that
matter, 100baseT with gigabit uplinks on the switches is usually plenty.
(The cost of gigabit has come down, but the switches are murder. That's why
bonding pairs of 100baseT cards isn't necessarily cost effective: the cards
themselves are dirt cheap but switches with gigabit uplinks more than make up
the difference, as we wait for 10gigE to bring the cost of normal 1gigE down
to something reasonable...)

Then again I've always been trying to optimize the price to performance ratio
more than anything else. I'm a cheap bastard and proud of it...

-- - Terry Pratchett, Eric Raymond, Pete Abrams, Illiad,
CmdrTaco, liquid nitrogen ice cream, and caffienated jello. Well why not?

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