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    SubjectRe: Some functions are not inlined by gcc 3.2, resulting code is ugly
    On Sun, 2002-11-03 at 11:21, Alan Cox wrote:

    > I would venture the reverse interpretation for modern processors,
    > the kernel inlines far far too much

    I agree 100% we mark too much as inline - but at the same time, some
    larger functions are inline simply because they were originally part of
    another function and pulled out for cleanliness. They are only used
    once... in other words, in some cases I hope the kernel developers know
    what they are doing when they mark stuff inline.

    So I can see why bumping this limit very high is a good thing. At the
    same time, there is a lot of stuff incorrectly inlined and we should go
    through and un-inline all of that, too.

    Robert Love

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