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SubjectRe: [RELEASE] module-init-tools 0.8
On Fri, 29 Nov 2002, Nathan Scott wrote:

> > Steve? Changing the prefix on xfs or elf seems equally painful (xfs
> > because it'll be a big patch, elf because it's standardized and been
> > like that forever).
> We changed XFS when this problem first came up. Linus hasn't yet
> pulled from Christoph's bitkeeper tree though, so we're a bit out
> of sync at the moment.

Sounds like I need to drop back and punt. I probably need to wait for the
syncing to happen and bk to be updated. I need to have 2.4 kernels
working (specifically RedHat). I'm doing this testing on my laptop, which
because I'm going to be moving, will be my only machine for the next month
or so. I want to get 2.5 working, but module loading doesn't work and
modutils-2.4.21-4.i386.rpm and
modutils-2.4.21-5.i386.rpm break 2.4 kernels.

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