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    SubjectRe: 2.5.49-mm2
    On Wed, 27 Nov 2002, Andrew Morton wrote:

    > +pf_memdie.patch
    > Fix the PF_MEMDIE logic

    The first part of the patch looks suspicious. If PF_MEMALLOC
    is set we shouldn't be allowed to go into try_to_free_pages()
    in the first place, should we ?

    > +writeback-handle-memory-backed.patch
    > Don't try to write out memory-backed filesystems at all

    Neat. Exactly the thing I was looking for for an O(1) VM
    optimisation, good to know it's possible in 2.5 ;)

    > simplified-vm-throttling.patch
    > Remove the final per-page throttling site in the VM
    > page-reclaim-motion.patch
    > Move reclaimable pages to the tail ofthe inactive list on IO completion

    Very nice, though if you're worried about effective reclaiming
    you might be interested in Arjan's O(1) VM code, which I'll
    probably forward-port to 2.5 once I've got it properly tuned.

    > activate-unreleaseable-pages.patch
    > Move unreleasable pages onto the active list

    Interesting, does this make much difference ?


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