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    SubjectRe: Tyan 2466, 2468 BIOS setting
    > In a number of boards with Phoenix BIOS including
    > the Tyan S2466 and S2468, there is a setting in the BIOS
    > for "Large Disk Access Mode", the available settings are
    > "DOS" and "Other". Tyan docs suggest selecting "other".
    > These boards use the AMD 760MPX chipset. (dmesg output is below).
    > My anyone aware of (1) does the kernel look
    > at this BIOS option at all, and if so (2) could having
    > it set to DOS instead of Other lead to any
    > data corruption?

    The option almost certainly changes the translated geometry presented
    to the OS via the BIOS.

    The only times this is likely to be an issue with Linux is:

    1. Installing bootloaders
    2. Editing the partition table with FDISK

    For more information, have a look at:


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