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SubjectRe: 2.4.20-rc3 ext3 fsck corruption -- tool update warning needed?

On Mon, 25 Nov 2002, Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> Well, no; it could also be that some kind of filesystem corruption
> either made the directories disappear, or caused e2fsck to believe
> that the files needed to be removed or moved into lost+found. There
> are a million possible explanations, including a bug in a device
> driver, the VM layer, or just pure coincidence.

I got no indication that anything was moved into lost+found similar
to what I've gotten on test systems where the filesystem was
intentionally crashed. No human y/n intervention required this time :^(
it just trashed things and then went on its merry way, and failed to
boot because things were messed up in /etc (and perhaps other places
in the / partition).

> Without some clear indication of what e2fsck actually printed we'd
> only be speculating.
> Can you can duplicate the problem?

The e2fsck run seemed to me to go normally. It reported that it
optimized some directories, but this has happened on other auto-fscks
of my ext3 filesystems without corruption under earlier kernels. (This
is the first corruption I've seen in many, many years.) But I didn't
capture the messages :^( and they don't get written into
/var/log/messages (that I could find).

When 2.4.20 final comes out, I'll set up a mirror system and try to
duplicate the problem. I'll be sure to check lost+found, too.
(The system this happened on is my production workstation and isn't
suitable for testing.) Thanks.

Clemmitt Sigler

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