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    SubjectRe: A Kernel Configuration Tale of Woe
    > > For boards its not that simple. Many vendors release multiple >
    > > utterly different machines with the same box, bios and ident.
    > > The customer is told "IDE CD, 100mbit ethernet", the customer
    > > gets random cheapest going ethernet.
    > Agreed - so then the association between "board" and "chipset" must
    > be capable of being multi-valued, and when there is a mult-valued
    > match there must be some means of further interrogating the user (or
    > user agent) for more information.

    This demonstrates a very important point - _any_ automatic
    configuration program is likely to cause more traffic to this mailing
    list, and create more work for users and developers that the current
    automatic configuration process:

    echo 'My box doesn't boot' | mail

    The kernel knows nothing about motherboards, cards, etc. It knows
    about chipsets, and nothing else. By definition, you cannot have a
    kernel configurator that works at a higher level than that.

    Why don't we introduce a make allworkingmodules config, which compiles
    everything as modules, except for the things that are broken as
    modules, (for example IDE in the current 2.5.x tree would be compiled

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