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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] make 2.5.49 mount root again for devfs users
    What you did was bypass devfs, and cause create_dev to mknod a file
    with the device number of your root instead of creating a symlink
    to the normal devfs node.

    Is your booter translating the device name into a number? You can
    check this by looking at the printed comand line in the dmesg, or
    by cat /proc/cmdline .

    If you see root=0304 then your booter is translating the device number
    and therefore find_in_devfs is failing (possibly because of the previously
    metioned patch to read_dir).

    I notice that there are lots of hardcoded maxdepth of 64 characters for
    the devfs path, but yours seems to be 39 and therefore should be ok.

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