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    SubjectRe: 2.4.20-rc3 ext3 fsck corruption -- tool update warning needed?
    Hi Hugo et al,

    On Mon, 25 Nov 2002, Hugo Mills wrote:
    > Did you also get some duplicated entries in /etc? I've had a
    > similar problem, with some files in /etc vanishing entirely, and
    > others being duplicated (so I got, for example, /etc/fstab appearing
    > twice in `ls /etc`).

    Unfortunately, I didn't check thoroughly to see if duplicate files were
    listed by ls. I wish I had known to look! This is my production
    workstation. It needed to get back up and running, so I didn't save
    the "evidence." :^(

    > This has happened, as far as I can tell, spontaneously
    > Running fsck recovers the missing files into lost+found, but
    > doesn't remove the duplicated filenames.

    My problem was clearly related to fsck.ext3 which ran automatically upon
    a reboot. Before that, no problems whatsoever. After the boot-time
    fsck was over, the system failed to finish coming up. The boot output
    contained the surprising error "Can't find /etc/fstab" and complained
    about the rc script being missing (entire /etc/rc2.d dir was gone).

    > I remember seeing a comment about HTREE running past when I tried
    > the e2fsck for the first time. Don't know if this is relevant.

    Neither do I (not enough in-depth knowledge to know), but that info may
    be of use to Ted and Marcelo(?) If my conclusions about 2.4.20-rc3 and
    some e2fsprogs tools being incompatable are erroneous, my apologies.

    Clemmitt Sigler

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